Malouf Liquidation

More Than Just Mattresses...

We Do Things Differently

Guaranteed Pricing

By purchasing 100% of manufacturers' as-is inventory, we're able to secure the best prices for our dealer network.

Price Transparency

No "good ol' boys" network here! We operate on fixed margins, so all our dealers get the best prices, regardless of volume!

Process Automation

As soon as an order is marked as paid, manufacturers are automatically notified and the load is cleared for release.

Direct Fulfillment

We fulfill orders direct from the manufacturer. Fewer touches means lower prices!

Dealer Portal

No more emails back and forth to try and find a load... browse, choose, and pay for products directly through our online portal!

Consolidated Ordering

Browse multiple manufacturers' products from a single login. Ordering inventory has never been easier or more affordable!

The Product

The Program

Thousands of SKUs to Choose From

From the bedroom to the patio, luxury units to promotional items; Malouf has everything you need to stock up and generate door swings. 

Exceptional Product Condition

All products are thoughtfully staged and well cared for in Malouf DCs across the United States. Expect clean packaging and product approximately a year old or newer!

Unbeatable Pricing

Pay half of what the major big box brands pay for the same products!  

Simplified Ordering

Malouf product listings are organized by brand labels with simple to use order forms; making it easier than ever to build the perfect load! 

Inventory Near You!

Click below to browse products by DC location or view our consolidated listing: 

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