The Best Way to Sell Excess Inventory

Connect with a vast network of vetted businesses eager to purchase your excess and obsolete goods.

It's Like Getting an Entire Sales Team... For Free

Our Team Is Your Asset: With sales agents well-versed and trained in the secondary market, we specialize in selling closeouts, floor models, and all other types of overstock goods quickly and efficiently.
→Automated Fulfillment: Once an order is confirmed, automated notification are sent to your team so loads can ship fast! 
→ Baked In Customers: Tap into our nationwide dealer network capable of consuming 100% of your company’s excess inventory. We can buy it all!

Sell Entire Lots of Overstock

Widely recognized as the best platform for buying and selling excess inventory, we stand out as a leader in the secondary sales industry. As the only platform specializing in surplus, returns, and liquidation of mattresses and furniture, we are your go-to for maintaining streamlined sales and brand integrity.

Streamline Your Excess Inventory

We simplify the process of selling your excess stock. From listing your surplus items to connecting with a network of vetted buyers, we handle every step with precision. Our process is designed to maximize your returns, reduce carrying costs, and protect your brand, all while ensuring zero cannibalization of your primary sales.

Getting Started is Easy

Simply sign up, engage with our proactive sales team, submit your inventory details, and swiftly and easily move your inventory with!

Why Choose To Sell Your Excess Inventory

Unlike other platforms, we excel with a steadfast commitment to 100% EBITDA improvement and the enhancement of comprehensive financial metrics. More than a platform, we are your ally, transforming excess inventory into a financial asset with controlled distribution and robust brand protection.

Our Proven Benefits:

0% Cannibalization of First Line Sales

0% Cannibalization of First Line Sales: 

Sell excess inventory to our network, avoiding selling closeout product to your retailers and protecting your first-line sales from competition.

100% EBITDA & Improved Financial Metrics:

100% EBITDA & Improved Financial Metrics:

CFOs love us for efficiently clearing obsolete stock, enhancing EBITDA and financial metrics, while our lean margins ensure rapid inventory turnover, drastically cutting carrying costs.

Consolidated Sellers Solution

Consolidated Solution:

As your sole buyer, we streamline sales, logistics, and finance, simplifying operations for manufacturers and freeing up teams for first-line products.

Best Platforms for Selling Excess Inventory

Brand Protection & Controlled Distribution:

Ensuring brand integrity, we keep sales private without displaying logos or prices, and prevent direct competition by not selling to first-line affiliate customers.

Find out more about our process on our [Manufacturer Solutions]

Are You A Buyer?

Resellstock Icons - buyers offers a vast selection of mattress SKUs. Register now at no cost to become an approved retailer and gain full access to our extensive inventory.

Are You A Seller?

Resellstock Icons - sellers

Connect with a vast network of vetted businesses eager to purchase your excess and obsolete goods. Register now at no cost to become an approved seller.

Selling on

How can I start selling on

Getting started is free and easy. Submit your inquiry and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your excess inventory needs. 

We work fast. Average time from inventory review to custom program deployment takes about 7 days.

Selling on is free forever. No commissions, no management fees, nothing. We even cover all shipping costs. All we want is the opportunity to sell your excess inventory to our network of buyers. 

Our private marketplace is exclusively B2B. As such, buyers in our network represent a wide range of business types, including:

  • Major wholesalers and liquidators
  • Local brick and mortar outlet chains
  • Single outlet store owners
  • Storage unit sellers

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